What should I wear and bring to class?
Wear any athletic clothing you are comfortable in - shorts or leggings work best.  Make sure you have no zippers, buttons or snaps on your pant legs. You can bring your own boxing gloves and shin guards or the gym will have some for you to borrow. (eventually you will want your own personal set)

Can I try a free adult introductory class?
Yes, you can take a free trial class in the Thai 1 level (no previous experience) or Thai 2 level (with previous experience)

What equipment will I most likely want to purchase down the road?
Boxing gloves, Hand wraps, Muay Thai shin guards, Athletic cup, Head gear, Mouthpiece
(MMA striking gloves, Yoga mat)

Where exactly are we located?
We are located off of York Road in Cockeysville. The Corner Stable Restaurant is on the corner of York Road and Church Lane. Our entrance is in the front of the building as soon as you pull into the parking lot.  We are located on the second floor.

Who can join the adult classes?
Females and Males ages 17 years old or older 

What is the Kids MMA class?
The Kids class is 60 mins in length and multiple disciplines are taught.  The first half of the class is focused on striking. (Muay Thai and Kickboxing) The second half of the class focuses on grappling. (Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling) The age range is for 10 year old - 16 year old kids.  There is no monthly membership contract or enrollment fee, the cost is a drop in fee of $20 whenever they attend. 

Do I need any experience?
Classes are broken up into three levels: Thai 1, Thai 2, Thai 3.  Thai 1 and Thai 2 are structured for beginners to intermediate members. Thai 3 (three month minimum experience at FightCamp) classes are for intermediate to advanced members. 

Is this a "Fighter" gym?
FightCamp Thai Boxing is focused more on fitness and exercise.  This is not a gym for hard sparring.  We operate in a completely safe and fun environment with our focus directed towards fundamentals and cardiovascular exercise. 

What is the MMA Fundamentals Class?
This is a Mixed Martial Arts class that focuses on Striking, Takedowns, and Submissions. 
Different martial arts are used seamlessly: Muay Thai, Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Judo

What is the MMA Fight Team?
This is a Mixed Martial Arts full sparring session.  MMA Sparring Gloves, Headgear, Mouthpiece, and Athletic Cup are required to attend this class. 
What type of Yoga is taught?
Our Yoga class is specifically designed for Thai Boxers.  This practice will build shoulder and core strength while increasing rotation, range of motion and flexibility.